Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel figure and box view Erwin Rommel box and label view
Erwin Rommel box label
Erwin Rommel box convention 2000 sticker


coffin box: white rectangular box w/ label and convention 2000 sticker, shrink-wrapped figure.
Caucasian male Super Soldier body: w/ regular gripping hands.
Caucasian male head sculpt: painted sculpt w/ blond hair/ eyebrows, blue eyes.
field marshal's officer tunic: tan, 4 functional flapped pockets, simulated buttons: 1 ea. pocket, 4 down front, 2 silver metal snap front, red field marshall collar tabs and shoulder boards, yellow/ black "AFRIKAKORPS" cuff title on right cuff, silver breast eagle insignia.
field marshal's officer breeches: light OD, red stripe, silver metal snap fly.
M1934 officer's belt: brown simulated leather, gold buckle.
tartan scarf: red/ white checked pattern cloth.
M1939 jackboots: black soft plastic, hobnail detail.
general's peaked cap: molded green, black visor. gold braid and cap badges.
Leitz 10 x 50 binoculars: black, elastic strap.
British Mk. II anti-gas eyeshield ("Rommel goggles"): tan w/ elastic strap, clear plastic.
leather greatcoat: simulated dark green leather, red officer shoulder boards, 8 simulated buttons, metal snap front.