P-51 Fighter Pilot 9th USAAF 1944 Europe

P-51 Fighter Pilot box cover art P-51 Fighter Pilot box interior view


window box: velcro secured, book-style flap, full color photo of the P-51 Fighter Pilot on a silver, riveted airplane fuselage background w/ 9th Air Force emblem. Package Design by Jeff Blosch, CR Design.
Caucasian male Super Soldier body: w/ regular gripping hands.
Caucasian male head sculpt: brown eyebrows, blue eyes, molded brown/ black A-11 leather flying helmet.
wool shirt: khaki.
necktie: khaki, elastic neck strap.
wool trousers: brown.
khaki socks: cloth.
leather service shoes: soft plastic, brown.
A-2 leather flying jacket: simulated brown leather, black knit cuffs and waistband, 2 functional flapped waist pockets, silver zipper, nose art on back.
whistle: silver plastic, attached to jacket zipper.
M1936 pistol belt: OD cloth w/ black velcro backing, black plastic "T" closure.
M1918 pistol magazine pouch x2: molded OD, double pouch w/ 2 black snaps, rounded flap, belt clip.
parachute first aid packet: molded OD w/ light tan tie tape detail, belt clip.
AN-6530 flying goggles: silver plastic, clear lens, OD elastic strap.
M3 trench knife w/ M6 scabbard: dark gray knife w/ brown handle; simulated leather/ molded brown scabbard w/ black rivets, throat staples, reinforcement plate; black plastic bottom leg tie; OD elastic leg tie w/ silver plastic fastener at top.
S-1 seat parachute and harness: molded green OD w/ white cloth harness.
A-14 oxygen mask: green soft plastic, elastic straps.
B-4 "Mae West" life preserver vest: molded yellow plastic, black inflation tubes, light tan elastic straps, black markings read "INSP 1-25-43 CAPT.".
A-10 leather flying gloved hands: molded brown.
M1911A1 .45 cal. pistol and M1916 holster: dark gray pistol, no moving parts, nonremovable magazine, brown simulated leather holster w/ embossed US and metal snap closure.